domestic goddess

Dear Roseanne,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all that you are doing to help us working class. My husband and I both work very hard and we have two young boys. Connor 2 years old, and Dakotah 5 years old. It seems like everyday is a struggle. We own our home and 2 vehicles and one is broke down with a bad engine I can’t afford to fix. I get groceries sometimes from food banks and it just seems we can never get ahead. We are still young and I hope things get better. It just seems like when we get ahead little and comfortable, we get kicked back 5 steps.
You are right minium wage has to become higher. They want to keep it at $5.25( I think its still that), and 2 quallons of milk is $3.50 alone. How can people live? I make $10.00 an hour at a job I have been at for 10 years. $80.00 a day. I pay my babysitter $40.00 a day. For eight hours of work I only make about $20.00 after taxes. My husband has two jobs just so we can afford some groceries. I am tired Rosanne and I am so glad someone is speaking out about it. You said once that people are no longer able to be like Rosanne and Dan Connor. Work, put food on the table and save for there kids college funds. And, has the real life Connor family I am living proof that statement is true. I just try to keep my credit good so I can help with school loans adleast.
Thank you, from a mom to a mom. Thanks for giving us a voice when we feel sometimes we dont have one.
Jennifer/ Pittsburgh, Pa