2009 July

31 Jul: Torah is my light

Hashem (peace of mind) is my shepherd, I shall not fear.
Like David, (my family’s names-kohen and david) the King of this realm of mind, I am a poet and a sweet singer.
workers of the world are under attack everywhere.
One World Government, where the rich enslave the poor is the dream of hitler and cheney.… Keep on reading

31 Jul: a german fan:

Hey Roseanne,
I’m from Germany and I need to tell you how much I like the Hitler-Photoshoot! It is so important to make fun of this crazy figure! There is (almost) no german comedian making fun of Hitler. And if so – the german press would take him/her down. Maybe it is inappropriate for Germans – I don’t know, but that’s what it seems like, because lots of germans are still in shock when they even hear his name.… Keep on reading