Torah is my light

Hashem (peace of mind) is my shepherd, I shall not fear.
Like David, (my family’s names-kohen and david) the King of this realm of mind, I am a poet and a sweet singer.
workers of the world are under attack everywhere.
One World Government, where the rich enslave the poor is the dream of hitler and cheney.
torah is the written history of the destruction of goddess temple rituals, however, that record is the only way there was of keeping the rituals and meditations alive. conundrum. Torah is the only way this holy knowledge could ever have survived the patriarchal witch/book burning times. (the reformation, the renaissance).
that is why i am positive that the libraries of alexandria will be soon discovered, if they have not already been. she would have seen what was coming and outsmarted rome. all hail cleopatra. she is re-revealing herself to us, after centuries of concealment.