a reader here writes:

Empower yourselves with the knowledge of edible wild herbs. What you need is in your own backyard. It’s just that we got so used to more than what we really need and that is what ‘they’ are taking advantage of…our blindness. Here is but one of MANY sites that teach us how to use wild herbs for food and medicinal purposes. Those nasty weeds just may save your life one day, it’s just a simple walk-in-the-woods- away.
There are a lot of people out there with the knowledge of herbs: gather a group of people (friends, family) and organize an ‘herb-walk’ and workshop facilitated by a trained herbalist. It’s a REAL eye-opener and it’s very empowering. Spirtually it re-affirms that there is a greater force in charge and that is very comforting as it transforms the fear into faith…then ‘they’ got nothin’ on you!