“Let us make man”
The body of man is a reflection of Upper World forces. Every act we perform in our lower world initiates a corresponding spiritual action in the Upper Worlds. The magnitude of each action, however, is concealed from us. The simple physical hand movement of reaching into one’s pocket to draw a few coins for charity arouses little effect in our physical environment. In the realm of the spirit, however, this act moves mountains. Scanning through the Aramaic text is another such action. It generates unimaginable positive energy for the reader, and for the world.
172. The words “Let us make man in our image and in our likeness” indicate that MAN was made of the six directions that comprise all, THAT IS, CHOCHMAH AND CHASSADIM, after the supernal image. Limbs are structured according to secret wisdom, according to the supernal structure. The words, “Let us make man,” refer to the secret of male and female, made according to the holy supernal wisdom. ALL WAS DONE SO THAT MAN COULD RECEIVE SUPERNAL AND HOLY WISDOM. AND SINCE WISDOM CAN ONLY BE DRAWN THROUGH THE NUKVA, MAN WAS CREATED MALE AND FEMALE. IN THE VERSE, “In our image and in our likeness,” IN WHICH IMAGE IS THE MOCHIM OF MALE AND LIKENESS IS THE MOCHIM OF FEMALE, they will construct each other, making MAN unique and fit to rule the world .
from me: the female will program the man now that sperm is derived from stem cells! “she who is and is not yet”! big mind coming to woman now!!! big infinite mind. women must care for the women of the world ourselves. we must care for the mother (and her children male and female).
the woman must now, having roused the female in the western male, strike while the iron is hot, and telepathically enter that female space within him. god must behold god, that is zsim zsim, big bang ground zero. eden. enter the female space within the male. (ascending the throne meditation, discussed here too.)
ascending the throne meditation tonight 2 am hawaiian time.
more on the mutation of the female energy/mind in the women’s forum here. contact me if you are a meditator and have reached the level of control of dreams. (most of you should be there by now if you have continued…takes about two years average).