michael was a smooth criminal

a thriller
bad and
that was his
in a nutshell
the man he saw in the mirror looked nothing like himself.
he saw someone else when he looked there. he had DID for sure,
and one of his sexual ‘alters’ was twelve years old.
he was re enacting pubescent masturbation things that boys do with boys.
the problem was that his alter was inside of a forty something man.
people who get abused also abuse frequently.
they are frozen at the age it was done to them.
this is the secret of dissociative disorders. the manufacturing of amnesia was studied intensely in child victims of incest and abuse by the forces in the cia who studied brainwashing under MK ULTRA programs. google this. michael was a victim of his father joe, who was and is an mk ultra operative.
scientology is right about shrinks.