Go Sotomayor:

they are trying to get you, and you have the prayers and the energy of all we women who have fought our entire lives to see a Latina Woman say this to Orin Hatch, (footsoldier of mormon white america). “Yes, the Latina will make different choices than do white men”. I PRAY TO GOD SHE IS RIGHT!!!!
Women will retain the right to legal abortion, with a ban on partial birth abortion. this cannot be allowed! a broken health system forces pregnant women to wait too long to get a legal abortion. this is just about money being stolen from poor women and pocketed by rich white male congresspersons.
the holy tribunal of white men
the racist bloat that is called rush limbaugh runs to trip over his huge overfilled belly to denounce the poor woman who has dignity and character. That cannot be allowed in the sacred halls of cronydom.