someone tell Paris and Prince Michael 1 and 2

that they have a granny out here who is like they are and who cares about them very much. Their dad really loved them and he has left everything he had in the world to make sure that they are taken care of. Their dad was a drug addict for many many years. What makes a drug addict is someone who has too much pain in the memory banks. Your dad was tortured and beaten and humiliated as a child by his own parents, and you can never get better once that happens to you. You always have a hole in you. You can try to fill that hole many many ways, but none of them ever work, and they all eventually kill you. The hole can be turned into a pipe and silence which is golden, can fill it. You can choose to feel the pain and release it by meditation. Do not ever use manmade drugs. I wish I could have helped your dad and been his friend. Your dad wanted to give you all the love he had, and he did.
You are jewish, and your dad really loved jewish people and considered himself one of them. He considered that it didnt matter if a person was black or white, rich or poor, Muslim or christian, but that it DID matter if a person was jewish. Your dad believed that the Jewish People would change the world just by changing themselves. This is a very important jewish concept! Your dad would want you to know these things, he was a student of kabballah.
kabballah teaches us that the jews need to change themselves, and to do that, they need to accept that they came from africa, from ethiopia, and not from europe!