I bet Michael Jackson

signed up with those producers because they had the lab that made that diprivan shit. That is supposed to be the one drug no body who is just anybody can get. You have to have five doctors worth of speed in you and anti depressants too in order to get injected and put into a coma with that stuff! That is the stuff they gave to fritzl’s granddaughter that shut down all of her organs so that she could heal while asleep. Michael freaks me out in that haunting video of his last rehearsal, he can hardly move at all, but he is giving it everything he’s got. He knows this is his very last video, and that there will never be a concert. He knows that the producers will tour it around the world and break several of his never heard songs out this way—he brilliantly leaves this world in his own way. I was given his cell phone number the night before he died and asked to call him and I didn’t, I was too afraid–i thought I would wait until shabbat to call him and then he was dead. He needed to know about meditation, about getting out from under the DID. Michael, I am sorry I didnt call you but I will try to help your kids out by talking about them all the time. Debbie Rowe is welcome to call me and I will help her all I can!