today is my daughter's wedding shower!

it is just for our immediate family, of which we have some nice numbers. We have so many friends and could not choose between them, so, we decided not to. Our family likes to get drunk and dance and make fools of themselves, and so we need to be extremely private in order to do so.
Your well wishes are accepted and I will post some pics here later on! I am so happy for my daughter, who has found a wonderful partner to share her life with. We are adding some fantastic Mexican (he was born in Mexico City) American flavor to our family this year, as well as Philippine and American Indian, later this fall! My son also has found a wonderful partner to marry in the fall.
My fifth grandson, Buster, is due in two weeks!
My mom is here, Buck got an “A” on math, and graduates to high school this year! Johnny is recording songs for kids.
Be well everybody, and G-d bless you all!