replace pelosi with a real progressive!!! OBAMA I BELIEVE YOU HAVE A SOUL AND I CALL ON YOU TO USE IT!!! LET’S GET RID OF EVERYONE WHO WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CLOSE GUANTANEMO!! All centrist democrats are to be defeated in the next election and replaced with progressives who are fiscally responsible and will kick the federal reserve to the curb. let’s do it we have two years and then there will be no way in hell to change anything here. let’s harness all the power of the acorn!! mighty oaks!
SEAT AL FRANKEN NOW!! his vote is the deciding one and they will not seat him. they will not allow obama to change anything for the people! stop the republicans from selling our country out from under us and profiting from doing it too! stop them. stop the bankers and thieves and ghouls and vampires of the mormon church, aipac, the catholic universities and corporate interests that feed off of your hard earned paycheck. kick them out. free yourselves from debt….stop paying your mortgage and your taxes and stop shopping and watching tv and watch babylon fall! watch satan die! satan is the ruler of this world, a banker.