elizabeth edwards:

dump your loser hubby and do right for yourself and your kids. You can’t protect your kids from their sociopathic dad by making excuses for him. He has already betrayed the kids he has with you and the one he has with the stalker-groupie! After you have died, he will be worse to your kids than he has already been. A guy who cheats on his cancer stricken wife and their small children will never be a decent father or partner for anyone. He is as low as low can get, pure ghetto trailer trash, a veritable jerry springer guest. Find someone decent to take care of your children after you die! Your mom or sister or someone moral that you can trust. You need to stop protecting this pig and start protecting your children! seriously, stop being so weak! You need to provide for the kids you are leaving behind and protect them from your selfish sick husband!!!! get over yourself and your martyr complex and do what a decent mother does!
sociopaths and vampires are in control of this planet.