2009 April

28 Apr: for meditators/lightworkers:

This is from my friend and sister warrior woman cathy:
Hello God Squad;
I am going to ask you to start directing your Divine energy to calming the little microorganisms that are creating a pandemic all over the planet.
Lets cancel this out shall we?
Let there be light. In the name of the presence of God, which I AM, through the magnetic power of the sacred fire invested in me I command:… Keep on reading

28 Apr: free speech tv show:

premiered last night on dish networks. I am happy that people seemed to really like it. We will be re-interviewing sarah knopp on our kpfk radio show this wed.
subject: economic democracy, the thing everyone is talking about, and making happen. From UAW to ACORN, I will be there talking about it!… Keep on reading