when you're hot you're hot

as soon as i decide to retire everyone likes me. As soon as I go to work, my private life suffers. As soon as i have a happy private life and a fulfilling career, I am so scared that I will get cancer of the anus or warts of the eyes and die. I am so afraid to leave my house again, what with the germs and communicable diseases. I am so afraid of people it’s actually laughable. If people would listen to what I say they would do alot better. some of them are listening now. i know its weird for people to regard me as the reincarnation of cleopatra, what with the fat old jewish woman sit com star thing, but it is a fact nevertheless. kathy griffin is putting me on her bravo special! I discovered her and still find her funny and brave as it gets. I love lisa lampinelli too (this gal is an exorcist for the public’s demons!!) who looks great and I would love to interview for my vlog here.