the jewish people are kind and good

they fear their leaders as do any other religious ponzi scheme victims. i want the jewish people to know that no jews can survive without the approval of the jewish community. When we jewish women harness the power of the public shun, look out sinners! no one can withstand the evil eye of the jewish woman in synagogue. heaven help us all when she trains it on the folks at the top of the pyramid, and stops using it on the ones on the bottom. in those days, when the evil eye is harnessed in the service of hashem and righteous deeds, will the prophecy be complete: “mashiach brings peace”. when women break taboos comes enlightenment…join with other women against satan. satan cannot withstand the evil eye of the jewish woman. that i will attest to in every way i know. LOL fall over dead satan. bye bye babble on, gossipy babylon.