Jewish people must

take the necessary steps to bring tikkun olam immediately. Jews must stop supporting the bail outs and the stock market, and the military industrial complex, and war if they are to survive. Choose Life! This Passover is the one where the deal is sealed for all time, irrevocably. I have been seeking contact for years with others who know what is coming, and have made that contact now. This last shabbat was heavy duty, but this next one is crucial to the survival of free thinking humankind. It is between the next two shabbat that The Most High One will give new laws. The Ten utterances of G-d (mistakenly called the ten commandments) will be channelled, translated and posted here by me during that week. I have done the proper research for over half a century. here is what the “ten commandments” say (actually there is only ONE commandment):
1. KNOW G-D ( begit G-d)
the next nine tell us how to do that.