and what the kabballah centers and all those who teach kabballah will never tell you:
Purim is the celebration of the book of Esther. The book of Esther is where the most concealed and esoteric information in all the torah itself is written in code. It is the only book of the torah where the female name of god is written.
It is the enshrining of the story of the power of the female aspect of mind to overthrow governments and kings by turning law against law. Read the kyballion (google it) about how to use law against law, about how triangulation works in the mind. the concealed is revealed on purim. the myth falls away and what is revealed is truth. In this book, the true goal of all oral law, moses, and the written law of torah itself is exposed, and that is that the torah was written for one reason only–to house the name of ISHTAR (eshter, esther).