jesus will not stand for trillions of church dollars

and so many poor and hungry people. it’s just that simple. really.
the humans are a distinct breed. they cannot see themselves. they cannot see out of the black holes of their eyes. they are veiled in unconsciousness and surely doomed. I occasionally try to ranckle them so as to study the effect. they are nervous that their secrets will be know most of all. that is the thing they worship most—the secret.
the secret though is the fact that just the idea of “a secret” section of the brain is addictive. people are rubbing their hands together at the thought of tasty little secret morsels that not even god can see. the trouble is that god does in fact see them all every little jot and tittle of the letter of the law. so hahahaha on you you big phony sinner who gives nothing! god can see your shit from the inside bitch!