jesus was about WE

jesus put unity in the community! he unionized the fisherman. new kaballah class will be shared here…i do not have the time to organize another of my classes sorry! i am just leaving it here for you all instead…my new class is about seeking contact with other like beings who know they have been chosen to join together in the name of the work of the prince of peace to save the world. i have met so many of them and i am compiling their names and their work so that we can walk our walk and talk our talk. if what we say and do does not work, then we promise to shut up about spirituality forever. But for now we have decided to put up or shut up and actually live our beliefs and do what we say someone else should do. we have decided that we need to get off our big flat baby boomer spiritual female fat lazy asses and get out there and do!!! this is the time for grandmothers to lead the world out of bondage and into sunny happy shared utopia!! utopia means we make war illegal. that is the first commandment.