tevel is the world of the righteous

and that is what is occurring now. The evil ones are confounded. they sputter and unwind because their programming has become obsolete. Many many of them are awakening and turning away from the lies. Meditation nullifies the chips that were implanted in the brain.
A GREAT FLOOD IS COMING!!! THE POLAR ICE CAPS WILL DROWN THE WORLD WITHIN TEN YEARS!!! in 2012 the righteous will inherit the world. (read seeking contact–archives here). noah is us.
i rewrote/am rewriting “seeking contact” and will include the finished version in my book.
that poor noah guy got raped by his own crazy ass son after the vessel they were riding out the storm in opened and they all went nuts having to see what they had survived. noah is a story about survivor guilt. Noah is a story about how the animals saved R N A….the animals gathered at the water and pushed the ark into the stream so that it could be saved. on the ark was the blueprint of all living things, which is RNA. rna is god and it is immortal! It replicates itself over and over forever and forever again. it has no beginning and no end. it is god almighty itself! immortality now! immortality now! immortality now!! please let us be done with lack!!! there is actually nothing missing! We have the answer to every problem on earth within our hands and it is so simple. find the balance between should be and is!!! that third thing is called “and so it must be done”……thank jesus for these words that floated through me today. elijah was here too and so was abraham and isaac and moses and david the king of my tribe. the third thing is gimmel the camel—the world of formation…we are god and she is us