churches have paid no taxes as they grew richer from their investments in wall street. It is time for the church to give back to the poor.
Jesus Christ has returned in human form. He told us that we would be as common and as plentiful as the mustard seed in the days of aquarius. I speak directly to christ and will not accept that this means I am mentally ill. I am not in fact mentally ill at all. I have seen the face of god. As a recovering mental patient, I have the right not to be drugged by american pharmaceutical interests. I am an old woman with a big mouth who stands here telling you that you can speak to god too, anytime you want to. In roseanneworld, that makes you sane, not insane. The outside world is a reflection of your thoughts. If you change your thoughts, the world that you see will change too. If you are bi-polar or DID you are like that because you are mentally divided. shock and trauma cause these things, they cause amnesia, which is the way the satan gets in to your mind. the satan can be cast out just by saying the following five words :
christ is alive in me.
Today in the la times is a horseshit article about DID again…psychiatrists can prattle and preen on all of their alcoholic lives as they twitter about at parties attended by drug czars and rocket scientists for as long as they want to, but-when I hear them say, as they did again today in the la times, that DID is a debatable condition I want to call down the power of heaven to wash their soulless bodies into the gutters of the hell they have created on this earth for people who are used as their guinea pigs for their horrifying experiments on innocent and sick people. I know that DID exists, because I lived with it all of my life. The CIA sure knows that it exists, as they have subjected american mental patients to torturous abuses that in fact create the condition as well as the actual techniques for brainwashing people. read operation paper clip and operation bluebeard. They are kidnapping and experimenting on poor kids right now. check it out they pay money to buy children to experiment on. now go back to praying on your beads (symptom of being amnesiatic)….when you pray you become amnesiatic and that is when the satan comes in…you must learn to pray differently now, and bring god down into you, not send your “prayers” UP to him. the human pipe receives first!