today in my meditation

i was able to access another realm of the throne. I summoned the chariots, and called them to me. I felt the love of Hashem, I felt the peace of Hashem. The love was so pure and so encompassing and so light and sweet and intoxicating. I smelled the smell of the most rare jasmines and frankincense. these smells led me to the labyrinth of my own inner ear where I could hear the breath of Hashem fill my body and circulate through it. The breath of Hashem when let out of the body is the perfect food for everything green. the breath of all the ancestors is loosed to cleanse all imperfections of the physical and material limitations and to remove them. the breath of the ancestors will re animate time after time. they are us and we are Hashem. hashem loves and will protect the people who attach to him, and not to the weapons of man. The will of G0D has been written by the authors of mankind, all with a small puzzle piece each that must be reconnected. the one is in the all. the one. we are one with it. it breathes for us and hears itself think as it sits upon the throne of high meditation. love is the balance between hatred and indifference. the middle way is the way of the mother the shekkinah, upon who’s throne we ascend to heaven in our minds eye’s eye. peace is prevailng on earth today. feel it jews, feel it hamas. peace prevails when you stop fighting.