Dreams of Bees…reprinted from 07:

As a young girl, I used to read about bees as an obsession. I thought they, along with ants, were the smartest and most highly evolved of all life forms. I loved the fact that there were colonies ruled by queens, served by males who competed with each other to keep her fed and in control. I have dreamed that dream of bees my whole life, and truly wish I had been born orange and black.
{the death/disappearance of and extinction of those very highly intelligent life forms seems to be happening}.
People have thought I was crazy for the last 16 years to talk about the effect Chernobyl’s accidents would quickly have upon the food chain, but now, the monthly extinction of different life forms seems to be inescapable fact…(read about chernobyl and the poisoning of water, air earth and food chain).
The bees are more evidence I think.