2008 December

29 Dec: christ! when I hear about those Taliban

crazies I have to say I kind of understand why Israel and the United States so fear them. They are so brutal and so hateful to women and children in the world! They are taking over every civilized country and making it worse. They are brought to power by their own version of right wing zealots who hate gays females, and free enterprise just like these american neocons do.… Keep on reading

29 Dec: starting with Rahm Emmanuel

remove israel’s influence from american government! Their occupation of and brutality against their neighbors is the real reason we were attacked on 9-11!
Israelis must dismantle their war state and make peace or die.
Israeli soldiers must resist the urge to follow their nazi leaders blindly and refuse to “obey orders” to kill UNARMED STARVING CHILDREN in Gaza.… Keep on reading