A Sincere Suggestion/Solution (from Johnny)

I really think we’re avoiding what should be recognized as at least one sure, compassionate answer to all our problems, eventually: mandatory vasectomies for all males above the age of nine and all others upon reaching that age. Let’s face it: Human Life, while providing good fun at least part of the time for at least some part of the Planet’s population, really is proving to be a pretty weak proposition. By gently but firmly pulling the trigger on a humane course of action that would finally eliminate every problem that Humanity has ever faced or caused, we’d really be taking our fate into our own hands while making the world a lot safer for whatever other forms of life that we don’t destroy between now and the time the last blithering idiot of a clueless biped goes Nitey-nite for the last time. Before you dismiss this as the ranting of an extremist misanthrope, just think about it…
Speaking of Patriarchy: Bye-bye Patriarchy, and with it: an end to marriage and divorce and being single, racial prejudice, violent religious differences, cruelty to children and animals and everything else that is the victimized by human beings, boring, mind-numbing work, dieting and starvation, addiction, Economic injustice, war, disease, politicians, Britney Spears, taxes, loneliness, worry, mental illness, prudery, pornography, pollution, Conservatives, Liberals, money problems, hatred, drunk-driving, jive secondhand “spirituality,” sadness, and death.
Think about it and get back to us, won’t you? Don’t forget: the good things take care of themselves and then come to an end eventually, anyway, as would anyone’s ever again having to worry about anything tragic happening to their kids or grandchildren or anybody else’s, for that matter. Thanks for your time!