2008 November

24 Nov: by this time

you should know how to meditate, wake up automatically at 2am friday night and meditate until 4 about unity integrity integration and their source. you should know how to draw down the force through your crown and send it through your chakras and back into the earth for purification. You should all know by now that the female energy missing from this realm has been properly channelled here by a group of meditators who though perhaps not fully aware at all times, still stirred the cauldron and created a new work of healing and unity of mind.… Keep on reading

24 Nov: thought for the day

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:34 pm Post subject:
the vast majority of jewish people on earth want nothing to do with this kind of killing and have therefore left their religion by the droves seeking a better way to feel connected to people and to life. they are sick of being indoctrinated every waking moment of their lives and constantly shown pictures that are so brutal they bring instant trauma to the child forced to look.… Keep on reading