and help him pick good clean people! it is glorious that we have our first bi-racial president.
I hope he knows that the people who elected him expect him to carry out the re-distribution of public funds that he promised. this means universal health care first! (we have had our celebration, now back to the WORK for the people living under bridges and in chicken coops in los angeles california).
Let’s start gettin to work to tell all of these people that they no longer have credit available to them, and are now at the mercy of predatory lenders …the people demand change from the bottom up, barack, not the middle up, please remember that!!
from acorns do mighty oak trees grow, rahm emmanuel!!!
let us begin the work of PEACE NOW!!!!!!!!!!
jewish women, choose peace! involve yourselves with arava institute and others that are about lessening fear of arabs and muslims and creating schools and hospitals for the palestinian women whom you need to befriend because you are supposed to do the godly work of peacemaking!!!!! we call ourselves the people of god!
let’s start to do MORE of the work of god!!!!! NO MORE TALK WITHOUT ACTION, jews!!!!!!!! christians!!!!!!!!!! muslims!!!!! buddhists!!!! meditators of all stripe and color and method!!!!!!!!!!! one world one peace one god one love one truth one vision one intention, one mother earth …..let’s be the tikkun e nefesh!!!!!
PEACE IN THE WORLD ….keep it real i am out!
read about arava…i pray for david that his back is healed thru the surgery he is undergoing: my deepest prayer for you today david (i am baring my soul and unafraid to do so) THE FORCE OF GOD IS LOVE LOVE LOVE AS BIG AS THE SUN!!!!! that is what HASHEM feels for david….
king david was gay and the king of israel, repent california!!!!