The Most Telling Phrase in the Whole Campaign (in my opinion)

Two huge, ideological worlds (Christianity and Capitalism) collided when McCain pounced on the “shocking, un-American” phrase that Obama uttered and that still reverberates. It’s the Repubs “Gotcha moment.” What phrase do they think should be the BIG nail in “That one’s” coffin? Answer: “Spread the Wealth.”
Oh my God!!! Did you hear what he said?!? At last, they caught “The Messiah” (as Rush Limbaugh calls him) BLASPHEMING, RED-handed. …….But…..
Speaking of The Messiah…isn’t it the “Faith Based,” “Traditional Values Party” that’s always telling us that we’re a Christian Nation? So how do they make sense of what The King of Kings preached about giving what you have to the poor? Yikes! Oh, well, I’m sure drug-addict drug warrior Rush Limbaugh can help “clear” that up, too.
Bleeding heart Conservative McCain tells us we need to have some compassion for the big oil companies and the richest among us. Yeah, I mean, if ANYBODY needs a break – Right? He’s proud that he led the charge to make US cough up a trillion bucks for the rich Wall Street swindlers but if we ask the richest among us to chip in some extra – they’ll leave the country and take the jobs with them! How American can you get? …Confusing?
It’s not surprising – McCain is the guy who can’t remember how many mansions he has, owns thirteen cars, dumped the woman who waited for him so he could marry a jillionaire heiress, has helped run things in The Senate for 26 years – and then calls the Black guy who started with nothing…….elitist
Please tell me why this race is so close? Hey, did I just say, ‘race?’
Thanks for thinking about it, Everybody! …Johnny