i was so moved in europe

by the great number of people there who want Obama to win. It seems like the europeans love the basic ideas that made america great, and they want them to continue. They want america to join the rest of the civilized english speaking world and pull itself out of the war mongering imperialist hate rut that bush got us into. Obama is really the hope of so many!
In europe, where there is freedom of the press, unlike in america, they showed a square in iraq filled with dead children and babies that our country killed, and showed it ON TV!!!!
Obama’s ad and mccains as well, say nothing about the war, the looted treasury of taxpayer’s contracts to kill the innocent people and children of iraq who’s blood is on our hands. Yet, right wingers still flap their jaws about their respect for “life” (as long as it is not actual, real or born), and a large percentage can’t even make the connection between the billions for the war being the reason we are broke. (they would rather blame acorn -blacks/poor- than ever place the blame where it belongs, because they are brainless drugged religio- zombies).