McCain is a terrorist!

Although I doubt that he “pals around” with anyone, since he is anti social in every way, he has indeed Palled around with people who shoot abortion doctors and marry thirteen year old girls in their government financed “churches”, which is CULTURAL TERRORISM, and against the laws of America.
He is now trying to whip up TERROR in our country, and turn whites against blacks, getting us ready for race war as well as extreme class war. He wants our troops to fight to the death with no end in the middle east, and has chosen a person for Vice President that supports destroying our Union of States. She not only “PALS AROUND WITH” with a TERRORIST, she SLEEPS with and bears children with one.
Todd Palin has been a card carrying member of TWO TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS.. AIP AND AIG…one wants to sell alaska to foreign interests piece by piece, because it is largely government and native owned land…only ONE PERCENT of alaska’s population own land…let that sink in….it is public land, and todd wants to steal it and pocket the money, for british petroleum inc.
AIG is the other terrorist group he is involved with that just stole 700 billion from taxpayers.
This is economic terrorism!!!!
The very wrong right is terrified of sharing their hoarded money with the poor and the needy and the sick, all the time weeping and gnashing their teeth over stem cells and fetuses while bombing living children and pregnant women in Iraq, and calling themselves followers of Jesus Christ. They are anti-christs. They are mobilizing the “faithful” vampires and zombies as useful idiots to protect their arms deals, and their shadow army that uses your tax dollars to rain down terrorism on Iraqi civilians.