Palin will be ready to fight on behalf of the christ that she believes in. Her christ is still fighting against the jews, and wants to reckon with them on the home turf to finally take them all down in a holy war drive-by in Jerusalem.
Palin believes that Christ Jesus (the prince of peace) will bring a sword against the jews. These things are what the church she goes to accepts as unchangeable and divine truth…the war of gog and magog is called armageddon. Palin wants Israel to lose against magog (iran) and russia (gog) and she is pushing for that war, because her church teaches that when all the jews on earth are dead, her christ will return from the underworld. (this is what she believes).
Biden must ask Palin about Israel, and then the debate will be over and the election won. When American Jews of Florida deduce the level of anti-semitism that underlies the “support” for Israel that the right (bill kristol, war profiteer) pushes, they will be shocked into silence for a minute, and then vote NOT MCCAIN but Obama as if the lives of the jewish people in Israel depended upon their votes, because they do!!! Obama is pretty much like all the rest of them, but he has people of all sides around him, and many of them want to see a peaceful world. McCain has NOT ONE person like that around him. Without Peace, Israel is doomed, and that is the TRUTH!!! CHOOSE PEACE, CHOOSE LIFE! happy new year.