from my blog on huffington:

McCain seemed old and out of date while rattling the Israeli sabre for war with Iran by referencing the Holocaust, which I found to be disturbing and despicable and obsolete, as are all of his militaristic solutions that underline every issue he addresses.
I found Obama to be a lithe thinker who is open to solutions and new thought. I found him to be inclusive in his comments while McCain was exclusive, and had that familiar Republican sneer that is a required accessory for his demographic. McCain was mining the old “compassionate conservative” con, and referencing the author of the failure of our economy right now, whose name was Ronald Reagan. That McCain stands on top of the heap of rubble that Reagan put into economic play and speaks reverentially of him still just says it all!
Trickle down economics is when the rich piss on the poor, and John McCain thinks that’s swell. Obama tried to remind Americans of what is morally right and what is morally wrong, and that was fantastic to witness. McCain defends the status quo instead of the moral right.