Geraldine Barr's solution:

Dear Sis:
Like millions of other Americans I need a bail-out in order to stay in my home. The preferable bail out would be in the form of a loan modification from GMAC. I believe that within an hour and a half a 700 billion dollar bail out will be pushed through and announced.
How great a solution if a stipulation of 50% of that 700 billion was used to help millions of Americans like me stay in our homes (although I believe we will need WAY more STIMULUS than that to stave off what is coming.) The trickle UP effect would merely address a small part of the problem.
GMAC like most mortgage companies would rather see a short sale of my house than extend a loan modification to us because it is just as easy for them to make close to the same amount of money. They simply have no incentive to work with us, The American Homeowner.
As credit markets tighten I can’t imagine it will be any easier to get a loan modification. Right now they say we make too much money for them to help us (lower middle class folk.) This is where the road hits the rubber. This is the BAIL OUT that our government could provide that would help average Americans like me STAY IN OR HOMES (something they all say they want to help us do!)
“Cynthia McKinny is the only political voice that I am aware of who has addressed this very important issue. I so appreciate her for that.
Offering 30 and 40 year loans while we re-do equity/risk/value is certainly one of the emergency steps our government could take to stablilize the American Family.
Love SIS