great news from cindy sheehan:

Also, tonight, I went to the Harvey Milk Club meeting. The Harvey Milk Club is THE political club in SF.
In June, they endorsed Pelosi for the primary. Tonight, with about 50 of our campaign workers and volunteers, we convince the Club to vote on rescinding their endorsement of Pelosi and to vote to endorse me. Those votes will take place in early October. (I heard the votes were at least 90% in my favor!) Not one person stood to speak for Pelosi. The Harvey Milk Club is chartered by the DCCC, so their actions tonight are above courageous and I honor the integrity of the members of the club and I was thrilled with the overwhelming response to my campaign and message. My short speech was interrupted about 5 times by standing ovations!
An endorsement for me (because I am not a Democrat) seems a little shaky, but if we can get them to rescind their endorsement of Pelosi, that’s huge! My thanks to Denise D’Anne and Catherine Cusick (two officers) for spearheading this effort and to the Club for giving us the opportunity to compete for this very valuable endorsement!