i am not one to push my religion

on people, because they are supposed to see it for themselves, not be conned into doing it or prevented from not doing it either. To each is given a sign, and to each a destiny..that’s what all holy books suggest. Anyway, if people of this earth really understood what the masters have taught us, have given their lives to torture in order to manifest the way for us to follow, they would know that the only fear is the fear of G-d. To not truly follow your G-d makes your soul damned for eternity. G-d is telling people to evolve to the next realm, to let go of fear and get out of his way! We are not G-d, and when we try to be, all we can deliver is death. But G-d brings eternal life. G-d IS science! RNA is the alphabet he/she/it has written for us, and it is a code that defeats all disease, all hunger, all suffering, because it is self replicating, and it is green and chooses life always as its default position! It is not neutral, it is already written that the good wins. It is already written that we are saved. It is already written that everything is in our hands, if we only trust G-d and DO NOTHING AT ALL BUT TALK TO EACH OTHER. we are the hundred monkeys…it is happening…prepare for the endtimes of babylon/the beast/patriarchy. It is written that it will take 250 years of hell first.