Hillary wasn’t cowgirl enough, she was more like the “city cousin”. Palin is the representation of the bush cowboy gone girlie! She is truly a western gal. I grew up around women like her, and couldn’t wait to escape them, because they are stark raving mad, and on everything but roller skates. She has the goo goo realtor eyes too!! It doesn’t take Brooke Shields to see that this poor woman has post partum depression like a mothereffer and cannot slow down long enough to heal from her birth trauma. I hope she doesn’t do anything rash…she is fairly heavily armed. Already she has threatened to destroy many people who oppose her in her hometown, from her sister’s ex to forcing her own daughter’s boyfriend into a shotgun wedding! I hope her doctor cuts her zoloft in half, for the sake of the whole world! would love to see her family appear on the springer show!