you pumas:

to those of you who want to punish obama’s types because you feel insulted, but can not make yourselves vote mccain: vote for barack, but send a little money over to cindy sheehan and to cynthia mckinney’s campaigns…they are braver than hillary, but unable to raise any money at all, because the commercial media, who decide our elections for us does not allow women of vision or of power on the public owned airwaves!!! that’s freedom for ya, I guess…when they talk about the surge working, johnny and i just read that we are paying the sunnis not to shoot at us! three huns each per week…(THE WHOLE-SURGE IS WORKING THING-is just a pr ploy for the election) Now that’s a surge for ya, while back home you say we can’t afford health insurance. Jesus is going to destroy lawyers and money changers, and media consultants first…can’t wait for that prophecy! CAN I GET AN AMEN-A!