That's why we call him insane McCain…. a word from Johnny

Finally, everybody will know that “maverick” is from the original Sanskrit: MAD-pa-RICK, meaning, loosely, “old, sketchy NUT-job.”
Did this bastion of experience and leadership and steadiness in the face of a dangerous challenging world just pick a running mate that he’s probably known for a total of two hours? Or, am I having a hardcore acid flashback?
No matter HOW against legal abortion this woman is and how bad she wants Alaska to get drilled deep and all over the place by big, oiled-up oil companies – how does the old man expect us to to buy his giddy, idiotic “explanation” for picking someone he barely knows and with so little experience in Government… to sit at the ready a heartbeat away from his 73 year-old ticker?
The Republicans’ attempts to spin this desperately-bizarre ‘Senior moment’ is beyond Theater of The Absurd. I feel good about this.