a fan writes:

I do not know if I am posting this in the correct place on your site or not, don’t care, as I do not usually go to such sites as yours.
I did want to take the opportunity to say this, it never ceases to amaze me the lengths you people will go to to be back in front of a camera, and then moan and groan about the media always in your face.
Especially you has beens who obviously have nothing better to do anymore except go online or chase down the media with your snide remarks, or comments.
Here’s a question for you, who cares what you think Roseanne? Who cares about what you had for breakfast, or what time you last went to the bathroom? Definately not me or anyone else I know.
I think you and the ones like you are pathetic Has Beens who will do whatever it takes no matter who or what you have to do or say to get that fix you so obviosly crave to be the center of attention again.
Nobody cares about you, your political views, or your opinions about people who are forever more in front of the cameras.
I did used to enjoy your sitcom, but now looking back John Goodman was who really made that show.
Again: “WHO CARES?”
MY ANSWER: who do i have to be? I am a united states citizen, and I have the right under the law to state my opinion, and I will. No amount of name calling by the likes of you will stop me either. This is my country! I don’t give a damn whether you think I’m funny, hot, too fat, too loud, too anything, or whether you think I am a drooling idiot with not one drop of talent that deserves to rot in hell. I do not seek to communicate with you or with anyone like you, so run along to another blog where they speak “bitter old right wing fart”.
better a has been than a never was