letter from an upset woman:

Roseanne, I used to like your show and think you were funny. However, I was disgusted by your vicious attack on Angelina Jolie. Not only were your accusations wrong but they were insulting and vicious.
I am not in show business, but I have followed the Jolie-Pitts in the news and just this year I have read about their foundation giving at least $9 million dollars to charity plus the $14 million from their baby pics all went to charity. Now in anybodies book, that $23 million dollars in one year is a respectable amount given from the heart. How much did you give for charity this year? How many dangerous foreign countries did you visit to try to help downtrodden women and children? I haven’t seen you in any bullet proof vests in Iraq and Afghanistan lately. I’ve seen Angelina. Has Buck gone to New Orleans and designed green low cost homes for the poor, contributing more of his personal money to make the housing division a success?
Have you spoken before Congress with suggestions for the betterment of poor people all over the world?
Have you adopted multinational babies that would surely be dead right now if you hadn’t taken them?
Just because The Jolie-Pitts have not come out on the side of either of the Presidential candidates you think you have a right to call them “Spawn of Satan”?
I know that anyone can get a blog and say whatever they want, but I think you have been judgemental, rude and most certainly jealous. If you were offered 40 million to make a movie about “shooting people” I’ll bet that you’d jog there daily and carry a machine gun with the best of them. I completely enjoy their movies, can’t wait to see “Wanted”, violence and all. I love those kinds of movies and make no excuses for it. Angelina is an excellent adventure/action heroine. One of my favorites.
I hope you have the balls to publish this letter on your blog, and to apologise to the Jolie Pitts for your inaccurate reporting and needless smear campaign.
I hope you search your heart and admit that because your career is in the dumpster, you’ll never have a fraction of the money that they have and especially because you’re no Angelina that maybe your envy caused you to malign a simply nice couple who don’t hurt anyone and who help a great many.
Roseanne, I’m really disappointed in you. I thought you were a nicer person that your blog shows that you really are.
Carole Jensen
Dear Carole…how much do YOU give anyone? Are you writing to your government officials, or have you deluded yourself into thinking that watching Angelina Jolie’s movies helps starving children in the world? Do you have any idea of any issue that John Mccain stands for at all, or is your worldview inhabited only by fantasies of the rich and famous fixing the world? You are responsible for every bad thing that happens on this earth…has that ever occurred to you in the least, and if so, do you DO anything to help anyone at all, or speak out for anything at all, or just sit on your fat ass telling celebrities off all day? ps…Buck is 13 years old, and leave him out of your rantings, or I will come over there and put my boot up your butt just like angelina Jolie would if she ran into your old cranky ass in one of her movies!
The charities that I support are on the right of this blog, by the way…give some money to your neighbors in the united states, like pineridge reservation…read about it on the right of this blog! love grannycrackpot