Johnny's Easter and Passover Greeting

Hey, Everybody, here comes Peter Cottontail, again, signalling the approach of Crucifixation Season with its yummy chocolate eggs and its joyous, never-ending message of “Believe-It-Or-Else.” And, don’t forget Passover!
No disrespect intended (especially the kind that’ll get me shot or beheaded), but why do we still call it the Judeo-Christian Tradition? I mean Jews think that Jesus was NOT the Messiah and Christians think Jews are blowing it, big time, for NOT accepting the Messiah. Oh, well, as long as business is good for everybody, why quibble over details like, say, the biggest mistake you could possibly make?
One thing that unites us all, though, is that Christian AND Jewish people want their venerable brand of Talibangelism respected, whether it’s New Age Madonna-style or the good old-fashioned Jimmy Swaggert version. Okay – Fair enough! But, in that same spirit of fairness, how about equal respect for people who think that all Religion or whatever you want to call anything else that people swear is real and important but they can’t prove…is…uhhh….uh……never mind. I can feel the “love” in the room, already.
Anyway, I decided not to join that crazy Gravity cult that almost had me convinced for awhile, there. Whew! That was close!
The main thing is, though: Happy Easter and Passover, everybody! You know the drill…
Yours for a peaceful, bullshit-free World, Johnny