McCain, McNews, McInformation…. "Patriotism??" ….from Johnny (born on the 4th of July)

Does Right Wing arrogance and cynicism have NO boundaries?
Now they’re inflating the big Fear Machine with all their “Be afraid…..Be very afraid” talk. Cooking up the BS Fear factor makes McCain look more “presidential” Translation? “Presidential” under the new Fascism now means: “Ready to attack another non-Christian country like Iran because they’re “threatening us” (and Israel) and someday they MAY have one half of 1% as much firepower as we do. Who cooks this crap up? What kind of slimey weasel tells Americans that they’re “threatened” and need to be afraid?….of a country with 1% of 1% of our firepower? This is what passes now for patriotism. Iran has an economy the size of Finland. How many Americans are stupid enough to believe this “threat” crap? We’ll find out in November.