mission accomplished:

People at some horsecrap blog said I said what i did in an effort to appear “relevant”. I know that I am irrelevant to the media, and that 2/3 of all americans are irrelevant as well. they voted overwhelmingly to end an illegal immoral war, and they are just ignored totally. The media does not care what american people think anymore at all, and they will operate huge campaigns against anyone who says anything about what is really going on in this country. Denver has built concentration camps to hold protesters during the convention. Some say these will later be used as labor camps to house foreign workers who will be paid a pittance. Mccain knows about the 200 detainment camps within the united states, knows about polygymist’s underground railroad of young girls from canada to mexico, and thinks these things are a-ok. The media is angry at me for saying no moral person can vote republican anymore, and I am right!
jesus said in these days: “they will swallow camels and strain at gnats”. Whatever Jesus puts into my heart and tells me to be brave enough to say I will say.