bit my cuticle, its infected

must go to hospital to get it lanced. Must get drunk first. This happened to me twenty years ago also, and it was hell. Buck said he told me to stop biting my nails. I had to pay buck five dollars every time he caught me doing that, and yesterday he said: “Mom, i guess your giving up one thousand dollars to me taught you nothing!” I didn’t realize that I had paid him that much money. I also paid five per swear word, and he made 3600.00 bucks on that. He had to pay me five for every argument, so that took it all down to about six hundred bucks in the end. now i have to get a needle stuck in my cuticle and get it drained. It sure hurts. Johnny said if i do not go I will need to hire someone with an aposable thumb to get my work done. damn, i wish i had not bit that damn thing man! Being obsessive compulsive is such a drag sometimes. I used to bite my nails up to eight solid hours a day until my dad would hit me across my head real hard to stop me. this nutty thing doesn’t really go away all the way, it just moves its focus around. I am now obsessing on driveway gravel to plug up the holes in my roads and pathways up here in shangri-la. getting new atvs for the kids tomorrow.