buck took a basketball

clinic with paul pierce, who was arrested the next day in vegas for dui, and let go since he was at not over the legal limit for drunk driving. I said..”well, its better than being a rapist i guess.” Buck reminded me that Kobe was “found innocent”. I told him that there is no “found innocent” it’s “found not guilty” and very different degrees of the laws of man. Buck said he thinks kobe is guilty of adultery but not rape. How do you explain to your kid that it was consensual sex until kobe put his thing where ms thing didn’t want it to go, and that act is what he is into…taking someone by surprise in the booty! Don’t all you gals hate when that happens? Is that rape or not? Who knows sometimes the stuff these men do with their crazed up sex desires! Anyway, we did agree that just cuz someone is a great athlete doesn’t mean they are a good human being! Although we know that derek fisher is both!!!!