had the perfect Hollywood Government message for these times: the liberal activists are evil at heart, duplicitous bitter and twisted, and the good guy (batman)looks like the bad guy by his own choice, in order to save the soul of capitalism and is only spying on his fellow citizens for their own good, employing a colin powell type who walks away after he slavishly violates everyone’s right to privacy in order to “find” terrorists. Batbushman’s assistant even looks like Cheney (michael caine). (my review, after removing {the analogy of chaos} in the form of heath leger’s character of the joker…more on the kabalistic part later).
OK…here we go!:
The image of the joker in the ta’arot deck is the antecedent of the Foole, which was the antecedent of the number 0. The number zero is the representation of infinity, which was always assumed to be based on chaos. The image of chaos (the joker played by heath ledger) is the image of Satan. Satan (or the opponent, as he is called by kabbalists) is the chaos theory itself. The chaos theory is being proven wrong each day by science. Science is proving that order, and not chaos is actually the wild card. That suggests to me, as i have always suspected, (i have been studying kabballah since the age of twelve) that this earth is actually hell…(the lowest level of being in the universe, where we are being tested to refine our will and the powers of our collective mind(s).) Here we are to learn this simple thing: the will of the people united is God. when there is collective agreement, we will be saved and removed from here. We return to god when we become god.
that aside, Heath Ledger and I got drunk together years ago at a party. He was real, and knew everything. His performance in the batman sketch was the best acting I have ever seen anyone do on film. He makes jack nicholsen’s joker look like a prissy little schoolgirl in pink panties. Heath Ledger is a better actor than was Marlon Brando, (the greatest ever before Heath). He was touching and frightening and attractive and repulsive and captivating. I personally loved the tip of his hat to Tom Arnold’s compulsive lip licking! Heath and I both discussed what a bunch of psychopaths people in Hollywood are, and he took it to the world stage…psychopaths are people who want to see the world burn. They like fame and forcing people to become low and dark. They’re true target is the one who cannot be forced to choose evil (batman…or the superego). The Joker’s contempt for Batman is slaked when he makes him choose to look evil in order to truly save the soul of gotham. He put batman into checkmate, as Satan does to all those who believe in Him. i was inspired to write the next batman episode. As I see it, Batman destroys chaos and creates Utopia by cloning himself.
The message of the movie “Hancock” was about how hilary and barack must never work together or the world will end.
all predictable suck ass hollywood bullshit graphics/military intelligence propaganda and justification for weapons expenditures, which is the economic basis of capitalism. “To serve god you cannot serve man”..JC