fair warning

Everything written by me on this site is owned by me and is copyrighted.
It says in black and white right here that to republish anything I write without my permission is an invitation to a lawsuit. I will sue and I will collect damages. Many people mistakenly think that the internet is anonymous, but it is not anonymous at all with a subpoena.
There are damages involved when you steal a writer’s work, and when you defame someone and call them a fraud when you have had no business dealings with them. Find out how expensive it is to be sued for copyright infringement by Hollywood’s best lawyers.
Employers of the offending IP will also be served, and they will know what you are doing with their assets on their time, which is also theft.
Find out also what the correct definition of internet stalking is. When you have been told to cease and desist and you don’t, there is a clear case for harassment, especially when you use the name of someone’s trademarked domain repeatedly in an attempt to defame them.
Hiding in your lonely rooms behind a computer will look like paradise to you when I am finished.
Thieves need to be punished, and will be. I will contact your employers as well so that they know what kind of a person you are, especially if you are using their computers when you stalk harass and defame me.