the more the dems push Obama as the “inevitable” nominee, the higher mccain’s approval ratings go up.
Fact: i know a few superdelegates. They are feminists who have hung in there raising money for the democrats for quite some time. They will never vote for any man, when there finally is a fine democrat woman who is running and who happens to be, despite her flaws, her mistakes, her indecision, the best presidential candidate that the working class family has ever had.
Fact: His campaign has degraded two democrat presidents, (clinton and LBJ) praised reagan, voted to betray the voters in fla. and mich. called everyone racists except his own minister, and has stretched the truth about being a professor, misrepresented on his healthcare package, and a dozen other lies, while calling Hillary a dishonest monster.
He and he alone saved partial birth abortion from being outlawed, and it should be outlawed, just like the war in Iraq should be outlawed!( he keeps voting to fund it, as he bludgeons hillary for voting for it, as if he could have it both ways). He is a male pelosi. He appeals only to the far left old rich hippies, and youth who will be too stoned to show up on election day, or else can’t take the day off from their job at macdonalds in order to go to the polls. Repubs want to run against him so bad…with those ads that show his support for his minister, and then throwing his white grandma under a bus and calling her a racist too. He is not a uniter, he is a divider, and by oct. if he is the nom, he will be knocked out. His paid bloggers sound like a violent and female loathing lunatic fringe. NO WE CAN”T! at least we know what we are getting with ms. hillary. this is my last word on the “election”.