third party green, anyone?

OR…should we root for Mccain, so that the vile mess and treason that the republicans have visited upon our country has to be cleaned up by them? Sometimes it feels like they want to unload the responsibility of what has happened on a woman and a black man, (clinton, obama) so that they can then sit in their ivory towers and complain that democrats are unable to fix things. The republicans are responsible for everything from the war to the recession (depression) and it seems wrong to allow them to walk away. In a way, I want Mccain to head the mess…the coming riots, the violence, the poverty and anger that his friends have sewed. It may very well be the best karma in the world for the greedy rat bastards who have made money from selling our country out. They may have to “serve” us from Paraguay, since showing their faces here may be too risky for them.