from a reader here:

You and I will agree to disagree about Hillary as President. I could never vote for someone because of their biology, and I have been in the “Peace Movement” long enough to know that Hillary will not bring peace. There are plenty of youtube vids out there. Codepink has made many of the ones that expose her true positions on this war, and actually, the debates are coinciding with the warmongering she will continue as she gets into office. My hope, is that somehow she will awaken to her womanhood and hear the goddess and respond accordingly… but perhaps that hope, is just magickal thinking. She will not receive my vote. She has not earned it, simply because she is a woman.
One day, I hope Cindy Sheehan will be a candidate. Wouldn’t that be amazing! This election has already been purchased by corporations… how will votes be counted this time? If not by human hands and oversight, then the counting is merely a facade.
and another:
I really think you’re going to regret carrying her water if she wins. She’s way on the wrong side of all issues you list. I understand totally where you’re coming from on the feminist tip, but is another Thatcher going to further the cause? Her imbecilic (on many levels) health plan in the 90’s may have set back the cause of socialized medicine for decades, and possibly for an entire century. In exactly the same way, I think a Hillary presidency could ruin the chances for another, decent woman to get in for Goddess knows how long (centuries?). She couldn’t be worse on Israel, and she and Bill play as dirty as anyone. Folks should never forget Bills’s extremely racist, women-hating attack on Sister Souljah Click here: Sister Souljah moment – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, which Hillary kept completely silent on like a drugged to the gills Mormon wife.